Since opening Club-K I have wanted to create a series of videos for anyone that was new to fitness and might want to try and I thought the resistance tube was great for beginners and anyone wanting to do fitness. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK: This is for informational […]

My Plan for fitness videos

A common misconception with low back pain is that if you pull the knees towards the chest to stretch out the back it relieves and helps the back. T he stretch performed starts the stretch reflex which will give you a short term relief but you are actually aggravating the […]

Not a good stretch for Disc related Low Back Pain

Back care in every day life is really important to avoid back pain especially when doing the chores. Quick video below that’s great from sweeping and mopping.  This video is only 1 min long so it can be also placed on instagram to help as many people as possible. Having […]

Looking after your back when doing Chores

This is probably the second most asked question I have had over the years of being an instructor.  The first being “How do I lose this belly?” (I’ll answer that another time as there isn’t a simple answer).   Through the years I have worn many brands of foot wear […]

What are the best trainers to wear?

Whilst in Indonesia at Christmas 2016 I had the most amazing opportunity to see wild Orang-utans in their natural environment.  There wasn’t much information on how to see them, I had to piece it together from a variety of sources.  I’m going to write here a guide to how I […]

Seeing wild Orang-utan in Sumatra, Indonesia

How do you know if you are a square person? Well next time you go shopping have a look in your shopping cart at what you are buying. If all the packages are boxes then yes you are.  Maybe its time to have a look at your diet. I think […]

How good is your diet? Are you a square box ...

There is that wonderful  time as we come to a new year that we are filled with hope for the future. This year is going to be better and we are going to make some great new plans and fulfil them. As humans we seem to like to create boxes […]

A New Year, A New You

A couple of years ago I developed a fear of flying. I have flown a million times and I knew it was a completely irrational fear, but none the less it arrived full on. I think it started on a trip to Sweden for a training conference where I was […]

Anxious about flying?

Its that time of year that you may catch a bit of the sniffles and are wondering can you actually sweat out a cold or should you be at home tucked up with a bowl of chicken soup. I found this awesome diagram below that could help you with that […]

Feeling under the weather?

Yes we all have those days when we fall off of the band wagon a bit and miss our training for that day or enjoy that naughty snack that you think you shouldn’t have had. I am going to start with this, Sometime we all like a little treat.  We […]

So you had a bad day?