A little about me and my blog

Luke KattHi My name is Luke Katt this is my little blog.
So this is where I am starting out and I am aware that it may change as time goes on, but I am starting with the intention to create a resource for people who want to get in to a healthy lifestyle or just be a bit healthier but have no idea where to start.
This is for all the couch commandos that have decided, enough is enough and it’s time to do something about that extra inch or two (or more) that has crept up on them out of nowhere, that have shouted the battle cry of “I will do something!” but then don’t know what to do next.
I hope this blog will inspire you find the help you are looking for, and guide you in manageable steps to become a better, healthier and happier version of you.

After years of working in the fitness industry I have been given the amazing opportunity of setting up my own studio where I teach classes from Pilates to dance and also personal train. A large part of my passion has been working with Doctor referrals where I have been able to help people become happier and more confident as everyday living becomes easier.
I hope that some of the tips and tricks I have learnt with my clients can work for you too.