How to Lose weight

As we come to the end of christmas we start to think about how we can lose weight

Unfortunately there’s no magic bullet to losing weight, if there was we’d all be doing it by now and unfortunately quite often losing weight is just hard work, but there are two things that we need to think about when it comes to losing weight.

One is consistency. Whatever we do we need to show up and do it often and regularly to make sure that we are getting results from what we’re doing. Rather than being sporadic with our training.

The other one is patience. It takes a lot of time to start dropping weight. It takes a lot of time before we start seeing results, and we need to take that time and have the patience to allow the results to start to happen alongside the consistency.

The world health organization recommends for weight loss, 300 minutes a week of moderate to high intensity exercise . 300 minutes a week is an awful lot of exercise to be doing. That’s five hours a week. If we were to look at that on on a weekly basis monday to friday that’s an hour every day. Which doesn’t seem quite so bad.

Then if we cut that down, the world health organization says that we can break it down into 10 minute sections. We don’t have to do an hour and one go, but sometimes it’s easier to do it as an hour and one go, certainly if you’re doing classes.

Classes are generally around an hour so it makes it a lot easier to go into one class show up do the class get your hour done. Five classes a week and you’ve made your your quota for losing weight.

An hour in the gym wouldn’t be too difficult to do either. Or maybe going out for an hour’s walk. If we need to we can break it down into 10-minute blocks, or maybe 20-minute blocks. Three times a day could be done quite easily.

With 20 minutes so you could do a 20 minute walk before breakfast, 20 minutes before lunch ,and 20 minutes before dinner, which would make things quite achievable to do.

Moderate to high intensity exercise, if we talk about the perceived scale of exertion (which sounds really really posh but it’s not really). On a scale of one to ten if one is i’m sound asleep and i’m not doing anything and 10 is i’m working at the hardest and i feel like i’m about to throw up and pass out, we want to be working around a seven. That’s at a point where we feel that we’re breathless, but ideally we should be able to just about talk at the same time as we’re working out.

Consistency, why is this a key? the problem for most people when they start trying to lose weight.

It’s pretty tough to get started. so sometimes it’s better, rather than going straight into 300 minutes a week. It’s better to start with something a little bit smaller and more manageable. Maybe half an hour.

150 minutes a week half an hour a day five days a week would be a good place to start and then as time goes on building up.

i’ve recently done, this year (2021) i’ve done the couch to 5k. This is a really awesome way of doing half an hour three times a week in manageable bite-sized chunks.
It works really well to be honest. I did it to support some of my clients and i found it an amazing way to to get into fitness, to get into training, and it really worked well for me. I also found that i started to drop weight on top of my training regime from doing this, and because it builds up incrementally it’s a really nice way of getting there. It’s free, it doesn’t cost you anything and you don’t need any specialized equipment to do it, because you start to do three times a week, and it could be the same for for you.

When you start, you might only choose to do three times a week of building up ,as you start and then move on to five days. You might start with three days a week, then add in an extra day, and then an extra day, until you’ve got those those five days a week. Then you can start to make this training a little bit longer each time as you’re going along.

One of the best ways to look at consistency is to actually mark it on your calendar. What did you do, and how often are you doing it? So you can then see, am i regularly doing it? and if i’m regularly doing it am i getting the results? If you’re not regularly doing it you might not get the results.

The other thing that we want to talk about is food.

When we’re thinking about food there’s a couple of ways that we can look at it. Quite often we think, or we recommend calorie input has to be less than calorie output. This is quite simple. If we think about it as a car if you put a a liter of petrol in your car it’s only going to get you so far. What we want to start doing is having less fuel in there so that instead of just using the the litre of petrol we’re actually starting to use the reserve tank as well. Which is our fat that we store. Once we start doing that then that starts to uh eat into our fat store, which helps us to lose weight and the more consistently we do this the faster the weight starts to come off.

If you would like to try some classes. Here at we have a variety of classes for you to stream. from 10 minutes to 1 hour classes to help you get your 300 minutes in. We also have beginners classes in our fresh start series that allows you start gently and then you can build up.

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