Tendonitis and how to strengthen tendons

Lets talk a little bit about tendinopathy or tendinitis is one of the the main ones that we’ll probably hear about and what we can do to help with any kind of tendinopathy.

What is it?
It’s an inflammation of the tendon, which is generally from overuse. The biggest ones that we might hear of are maybe tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow and as much as it you might think that that’s coming from the elbow actually comes from flexion in the wrist.

Tennis elbows when we go backwards golfers elbows when it comes forward. The muscles that make the wrist Flex actually connect from the wrist all the way down to the elbow.

The problem occurs when we do it excessively, so it’s done over and over and over again which a tennis player will do with a backhand and a golfer would do when they’re swinging to hit the ball so it would go uh in that forward direction as you would consider it towards the palm.

What’s going to make it worse?
More excessive movement is going to make it worse.

What we need to do to start to strengthen the tendons is we need to hold it in a position under tension. Thos is what we call an isometric contraction.

If you’ve got golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow, it would be different depending on which one you’ve got to which way you would strengthen it but you could use any kind of resistance tube or even just a belt of your dressing gown hook it around the banister and you would pull the wrist so that it’s holding still but it’s under tension the whole time.
You could also do it with a weight so maybe like a can of baked beans and you’re lifting the baked beans up or you’d be turning it the other way and lifting it the other way and just holding it.

We create more strength in tendons when we hold a position. we call this isometric contractions.

This is something that would be really good to add into any kind of training.

For example the position that we hold in snowboarding is going to put quite a lot of stress on the tendons.

so how do we train for that?
Well quite often we hold a static Squad where I’d be sitting in a Sit position with my back against the wall as if there was an imaginary chair underneath me but there’s nothing there and I’d be holding that for a period of time because that kind of simulates some of the training or some of the movement that I would be doing on my snowball or if you were skiing it’s the same while I’m out on the slopes but that hold pretending that there’s a chair there with my body in a 90 degree angle from the legs would be creating tension in the muscles and the tendons to make them stronger.

In conclusion the thing you need to remember with the tendinopathy is not to excessively move it but to hold it still under tension which will then strengthen your tendons.

I hope this helps if you have any kind of tendinopathy or tendinitis.

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